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  • Can I use this on my tire machine?
    • Our Siping wheels are designed to fit into a bracket width of 1.5in or larger(with end caps and spacers kit).
  • Do I have to prep tires before Siping?
    • We recommend that the tires are clean and completely free of rocks and dirt. This will help prolong the life of your cutting wheels. Additionally, we recommend adding air pressure to soft/flexible tires(Hoosier G-60 at 30psi).
  • My Siping wheel tracks off the tread block. How can I fix this?
    • We have seen this issue when the tire machine & holder flexes or rotates. If you can, try to eliminate the flexing or twisting areas. Also, please ensure the siping wheel axis is parellel to the tire when cutting.
  • How long do the siping wheels last?
    • Our cutters are made from hardend stainless steel blades. Due to the different tire types, cleanliness of tires, and hardness of the rubber the blades will wear differently.